Thursday, January 26, 2017


One of the activities that my children participate in is Science Olympiad.  This year I have two middle schoolers and they have both elected to do this.  Last year was our first year with the program, and it was just my daughter.
I'll admit that my daughter surprised me last year when she said she wanted to join.  Science was never her favorite.  I smiled actually last year when she said she wanted to join.  I knew what changed her mind.
There was a teacher who changed it for her.  They clashed at first.  I can imagine that it would be quite difficult to spend days upon days with teenagers . . . teenagers who mostly probably don't care about science.  I do not have the patience for that job, personally.  And I had talked to my daughter, when her and this teacher clashed - that maybe she should cut her some slack.
Well, my daughter and I had talked and a couple weeks later; things were still the same as far as she was concerned.  So then I talked to the teacher.  I'll never forget her face when we talked, she had no idea my daughter felt the way that she did.  This teacher went above and beyond to make sure things were ok from then on out.  And as a result, my daughter started loving science :)
Tonight she came home all excited!  They had launched their rocket tonight!  And it went so far!!!  My son didn't have any big break thru's on his project tonight.  But they will come!
Tonight I am thankful for two kids in this program so far!  I know the other two will make their own decision to join or not to join when they get old enough, and that is perfectly alright.  But it is neat watching so far from a parent stand point!
I am also thankful tonight for a teacher who cared enough to fix what she didn't even know was broken.  Here we are now, an entire year later and the effects of her caring are showing strong in my daughter!

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