Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Made It Thru! Or Lasik Part 2

Today was the day!!  I woke up bright and early this morning and got my house in order.  A day of rest for a mom is impossible.  I won't be able to drive, so if a kid breaks their arm at school, who do I have on call?  Did they remember all their stuff for the first day back to school?  Is all their after school stuff taken care of?  Do they have enough to keep them occupied to let me rest when they get home?
Then work.  As an appraiser, have I updated all my clients so they don't bug me today?  Did I get all my work done ahead of time?  Do I have things set up to notify people on new orders?  As a realtor, did I update my clients for time specific items involving today?  Have I let people know that I won't be available today?  Will the world keep turning today?
Alright, I felt I had done enough work to be ready for today.  So, then on to today!  Did I follow all the instructions that I was supposed to be doing the last few days?  Am I dressed ok, they said it will be cold.  Do I have all my hair back enough to not be in the way?  Silly me, of course they gave me a hair net.  And because I'm a girl, did I do my eyebrows recently?  Surely they don't care, but that should be done with people right in my face today.
7:30 this morning and I was out the door and on my way.  Everything moved along pretty well.  I kept on praying.  So here's what I haven't shared with you all.  There is a reason that I've been afraid of this procedure for decades.  I had a grandma that was legally blind.  She described to me before what she could and could not see.  But, just watching her . . . I didn't want that.  She didn't have a choice with her eyes; that was the way that they were.  But I do have a choice.  And what if a choice that I make with my eyes completely destroyed my vision?  If I had to see the world like she did, I could not live my life like I have it.  And I'm pretty fond of my life as I have it and my vision.
But as we all know, fear is a pretty stupid reason to not improve your life.  And it took the weeks of my eyes being intolerable of my contacts for me to face my fear and decide how I was going to continue to live my life; which brought me to where I was today!
I have prayed so much!  And I appreciate everyone who has prayed for me!  The only scary part was when they cut the flap in my eye and my vision went away.  They warned me it would happen.  Things were going as they should.  But that is what I did not want to happen!  I did not want my vision gone.  I stood in faith though.  Faith in God's hand in this procedure.  Faith that the doctor knew he what he was doing.  And faith that this was necessary to get where I wanted to be.
It was all rather quick, which is good!  I could see a bit, but everything looked like I was looking thru dense fog.  I came home.  I went to sleep.  I tried to sleep as long as I could.  I got up and did a few things.  I went back to sleep.  I'm up now for a bit, then I'll go back to sleep.  Every time I wake back up, the foggy haze in my vision is decreasing and decreasing.  By tomorrow morning, it should be all gone!
Tonight I am thankful for going thru with this!  I was going to have a glasses smashing party tonight!  But, I thought that would be fairly foolish since my glasses were not cheap.  And I can donate them.  I've seen things for that, so people can use the frames and just get their prescriptions put in.  Maybe I'll buy a pair of glasses at the Dollar Store and smash those later just for fun :)

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