Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Rule!

Half of the children population in this household now have cell phones.  That means that I am watching half of the children population in this household to make sure that their faces don't become permanently stuck to their phones!
One loves to talk and text.  One loves to play games.  Mom loves to imagine smashing the phones with a sledge hammer :)  Mom also knows that this is the time to teach respect with phones.  We have rules.  We have a phone contract.  And phones do get confiscated.  Although, really, I feel like I should confiscate more frequently.
We also still have chore charts in this house.  We've been slowly perfecting our system of weekly chores and the children earning commissions for their work done.  Phones are the enemy of work in this house.  Sometimes the phones play music that motivates the children to dance while doing their chores.  But most of the time, the phones are a distraction.
Honestly, I don't know why it took so long for this idea to dawn on me.  But, last week some time, I made this new rule that phones had to be turned in to me after school until chores and homework were done every night.  This should have been a rule from the beginning!  The kids aren't allowed to get on the computer or the xbox until their chores are done.  Why hadn't I included phones?  Anyway, this has been working amazingly wonderful for one child!  The other doesn't care much.  But, we'll get there!
Tonight I am thankful for our new phone rule in this house!  I haven't had to search for a clean spoon all week!

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