Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No Goggles

It has now been one week and one day since my Lasik surgery!
I went in today for my one week appointment and everything is healing up well!
But here's the best part . . it started last night.  I didn't have to wear my goggles!  It is really more like a form of safety glasses in my opinion.  After surgery, I had to wear them the rest of that day.  And then at night for the first week.
I totally get why.  I mean, who knows what a person does in their sleep.  The first night, I took off my goggles and chucked them across the room in my sleep.  I woke up and freaked out a little that I couldn't find them.
BUT, they are hugely uncomfortable!  They have made me wake up several times a night for a week.  I want sleep.  I want my eyes to heal up nicely.  And it is very hard to do with plastic trying to puncture my skull while I sleep!  Did I mention that I move a lot in my sleep?  That is a fact that probably belongs here.
Anyway, last night I was so excited to go to sleep!  I took a picture of myself (ok, so not sleeping yet) and sent it to the hubster, who was watching the presidential stuff on tv.  It was hard to go to sleep because I was so excited about sleeping without goggles!
Tonight I am thankful for sleep without goggles!  I hope to fall asleep much more quickly tonight, since it is now the second night of no goggles.

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