Sunday, January 15, 2017


Here is a one week check-in from my post about meal prepping for the week.  The family was quite excited to have food prepared and ready to go again!  I guess it had been awhile since I'd done that.  The only thing I missed was pull-out containers in the fridge.  I noted today that we did have a few things get lost in the back of the fridge during last week.
As I looked at the upcoming week, I shared the schedule with everyone.  It's pretty busy.  So it would be smart to have food prepared ahead again!  Today we went over and beyond from last week.  And, I am happy to say, we also have went healthier!  And we have the pull out containers for the fridge.  Even better is the fact that the family helped more this week.
I made the dinner menu up with easy dinners for the week.  Seriously, the schedule looks way too full for a still-recovering-and-tired mom like myself.  So the crock pot will be my good friend this week.
Tonight I am thankful for a plan for food for the week.  When I wasn't prepping the food, it sounded like so much work.  Two weekends in a row now of a little extra time, it feels like a huge relief and one less thing to worry about!

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