Friday, January 6, 2017


I was warned with this Lasik procedure about lights.  Halo effect is what they called it.  And so far, it has been the most headache inducing thing - for the record, still not bad enough to make me regret anything!  This is temporary and the vision correction is permanent!
Anyway, so right after the surgery, it was everything . . my cell phone screen, light reflecting off metal . . everything.  It is slowly getting better.  But tonight I was out driving after dark.  The headlights in the dark just for about fifteen minutes thru town and back home had me nauseous by the time I got home.
I had picked up two pizzas for dinner tonight.  I handed the boxes to a kid and went to get groceries out of the car.  By the time I got in the door I had a child in tears.  The pizza boxes had dropped and one pizza was claimed by the dogs as soon as it hit the floor.  One pizza was saveable.  It wasn't the end of the world by any means.
With a spinning head and tummy I tried to comfort the upset child.  Another child had too much attitude.  And the other two children were ignoring everything, including the call to come eat dinner.  I stumbled to my bed and hid my spinning head under my pillows.
I rested for a bit and the world stopped spinning.  The children calmed down.  Two of them went off to the Girl Scout cookie kick-off - sales start Monday if you want any!  The other two played well together.  And I got to spend some quality time in my bed until the world could hold still again.
Tonight I am thankful that eyes will heal all the way.  I am thankful that pizza is replaceable!  I am thankful for side dishes when the family has to share one pizza!  I am thankful for a fun cookie night for my girls.  I am thankful for a fun Pokemon night for my boys.  And I am thankful for quiet moments of needed rest to calm down after an eventful evening!

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