Sunday, January 29, 2017


When my brother and I were little, we were the best of friends.  Ok, well we argued and fought too.  But for the most part, we were the best of friends.  My favorite toy back then was a black and white cat named Alley Cat.  And his favorite was a brown dog named Puppy.
Alley Cat is old now and his fur is pretty matted.  I've had to draw the pupils back on his eyes a few times now with a Sharpie.  But he is hanging in there.  I don't know where Puppy is.
A couple weeks ago, I was in a house that was for sale.  I walked in to a bedroom and guess who I saw?!?!  Puppy!!  Ok, so it wasn't Puppy himself.  This version of Puppy was kept pretty pristine for the past 30 years.  But, what a familiar face he had!
Tonight I was taking the pictures off my phone and found where I took this Puppy-twin's picture.  It's funny sometimes how these little things make a person smile :)
Tonight I am thankful for running in to Puppy's twin a few weeks ago.  People make decisions and go down different roads in life.  But I'll always have good memories of a different time.

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