Thursday, January 12, 2017


Have you ever done something that you knew was kind of stupid, but you felt you had a good reason to do it?  Then later, when it bites you in the butt . . .well, you kind of knew that you had that coming?
Yep, that's me.
All those years of not enough sleep.  I did it on purpose.  I was working a lot.  And I had good reason to work so hard.  All the while, I knew I needed more sleep.
I thought I was paying for it with the whole thyroid stuff last year.  I took great strides . . well moderate strides to correct some poor lifestyle stuff; like more sleep, less pop, etc.  I found some other good things.  I actually found an excellent essential oil blend for thyroids!
 For the last month though, this pneumonia and now lingering bronchitis stuff is teaching me a lesson.  I do not listen to my body enough.  Even working to fix my thyroid, I set my sleeping for 7-8 hours.  Sometimes a body needs more than that.  But I rarely get any more than that.  Mostly, if anything, I'd get less.
Now my body is screaming, it needs rest!!  This bronchitis cough will not go away no matter how much water I drink, no matter how many vitamins I take, and no matter how many good-for-bronchitis-removal foods that I eat.  This weekend I am planning to stay in bed as much as possible.  My body will thank me for that.
Tonight I am thankful for a chance to listen to my body that is only mildly irritating and totally curable.  Tonight I'm crabby, tired, and a bit on the whiny side.  So I'll be thankful that some good sleep and rest will help . . . I just have to wait until the weekend!

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