Tuesday, February 21, 2017

5 minutes

I counted once how many times I made to the school and back home in one day.  I think my record so far is eight.  Today was 5 trips.
Our house that we lived in when Elaina started kindergarten was technically outside the school district line . . . like the other side of the street was in the district.  That was also when kindergarten was a half day thing (which was my favorite for my kiddos, just throwing my opinion out there!).  Anyway, so twice a day I loaded up the three younger munchkins, and we'd drive almost 20 minutes one way to the school.  This experience made "close to school" a biggie on our list when we were looking to move!
We've been here for awhile now.  But tonight I am thankful as ever that this house is only 5 minutes from the school!!

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