Monday, February 20, 2017


I am not a "joiner".  I rarely do things just because everyone else is doing them.  But a few weeks ago I saw a trusted friend post about her electric pressure cooker pot.  She was making dinners in record time!  From frozen to table in under a half hour.
As someone who tends to forget about food until I'm hungry, this sounded like a good thing.  Some nights it gets to be like 5 or 6 o clock and then I have the thought, "Oh, I guess I need to do something for dinner, don't I?"  This leads to some fairly unhealthy choices from time to time.  Or sometimes the hubster cooks and we all have cereal ;)  He is slowly expanding his chef skills actually.  But his favorite dish to prepare is still cereal.
Alright, so I've been watching these pots on amazon.  I stopped and checked them out at WalMart.  I've watched some other people post on facebook who are joining the "instant pot" craze.  And I took the plunge!  Amazon's price went down a few bucks and our dinner genie was sent to our door.
Tonight was our first night!  Now, as a disclaimer . . . I did not read the instruction book.  I have plans to read it in the future.  But, I was in a hurry . . slightly ironic, isn't it?
Ok, so I put in a frozen turkey breast and some broth.  I pushed a button, and I waited.  I thought something more should happen, so I did flip thru the instruction book.  Nope, I was good.  So I waited some more.  I probably should have read the book a little more.  I had to push the button two more times before the meat was actually cooked all the way thru.  There was most likely a different setting I should have used with the meat being frozen and not thawed.  But, by the third round of button pushing, dinner was done!
The last time I pushed the button, I threw in some dumplings in to the magic pot too.  So all together, even with three times of pushing the button, dinner was still done way faster than the frozen meat would have been any other way.  And it was all delicious!
Tonight I am thankful for our new magic dinner cooker!  I can't wait until I actually read the instruction book and become a pro at quick, healthier dinners for my family!

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