Friday, February 10, 2017

Bruises in Snow

I had today planned so well.  I actually reserved time for me to be at my desk and work on my work.  I have trouble with this sometimes.  But today was my day!  Well, until yesterday, I made one appointment. Just one, it wasn't far from my house . . about 7 minutes away.  That wouldn't take away too much from me getting my work done, right?
Then this morning our furnace starting having some trouble.  I called a few repair places and got very blessed to find one that could be right out.  The repair technician was 15 minutes away finishing up another call and had a little time where he could come out.  The furnace is doing fine now, but will need some more repairs in the near future.
I was very happy the man could come right out.  But then I was late to the only one appointment that I had made.  I did call and let them know.  But still . . . people were there waiting.  I hurried at the appointment so the people could be on their way.  I was walking up the driveway, which had a light dusting of snow.  It turns out there was ice under that snow.  I fell, rather ungracefully.  But, I would not let a snow covered body and a few new bruises ruin my day!
Tonight I am thankful for a day that didn't get quite as much done as was originally planned.  I did still get a lot done!  My pants dried off from the snow and the bruises don't hurt much.  And our furnace is running well . . so I call it a good day!

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