Sunday, February 12, 2017


For the past (almost) year, every month we've been putting money in to different savings funds:  House Repairs, Auto, Vacation, and more.  The big vacation goal is Disney in 2018.  We've been toying with different ideas for the 2017 vacation and haven't quite decided yet.
Last week we had a family meeting.  We had looked at the upcoming Jurassic Quest coming to Mason.  It looked pretty neat with a whole bunch of different dinosaur things.  However, it is an attraction of course.  And anything made just to attract people to come and spend money is not going to be cheap.  Tickets for our whole family (with the VIP for kids 12 and under so they could do the activities) were $132.  Yep, that was just to walk in the gate!  We took a family vote about attending this and using our Vacation Fund for the tickets.  It was an unanimous vote of Yes!  So I hopped online and bought our tickets for Sunday morning.
Fast forward to Friday, I'm cruising Facebook and seeing people writing not very nice things about Jurassic Quest.  Yesterday was the same thing.  I was losing faith fast!  I went online to see about a refund for our tickets.  Nope, no refunds.  I told the hubby the negative stuff I was hearing - it was pretty much all due to the long lines and amount of people there.  I didn't tell the kids though, I didn't want them to go in with bad attitudes because we were going to go; we had our tickets and couldn't refund them.
This morning everyone woke up early.  We got breakfast and got to Jurassic Quest a half hour before they opened.  We were shocked at the number of cars already there and the amount of people in line.  We walked up to the first tent and saw that the people in line were waiting to buy tickets.  We already had our tickets, so we got to go in the shorter line right at the entrance!!  Then the Jurassic Quest people opened their event early!  We were one of the first ones thru the gate!
The kids liked the exhibits!  Most of the activities were catered to younger kids.  But my kids had fun with some of them anyway!  We got a family picture taken, superimposed with a dinosaur chasing us :)  AHHH!
After about an hour, we had made our way thru everything and the place was getting packed!  We were holding out until 10am when there was supposed to be baby dinosaurs out and about.  We walked thru all the buildings and didn't see the babies.  So we left.
Tonight I am thankful that we had a good time with the dinosaurs today!  I'm thankful we got there early and that we had bought our tickets online!  And even though the activities were geared more towards younger kids, I'm thankful that my kids enjoyed themselves anyway!

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