Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Sometimes goals seem to big.  Sometimes they seem just too far beyond reach.
I hadn't really given in to those negative thoughts yet.  But I was starting to let little doubtlets in to my mind.  It'd just be easier to take the road more traveled.
The Dave Ramsey plan is good.  And we will stay on the plan.  But maybe my timeline was just crazy.  Maybe I should lighten up.  The current timeline would be wonderful for our family.  It would be a miraculous change in our lives.  But maybe it's too much.  I've been known to push too much . .
And then I saw the picture below.  It was on a Dave Ramsey facebook page.  It was put on there by someone who didn't give up.  Someone who stayed on their plan.  Someone who didn't think it was crazy.  Someone who didn't think it was too big or too far beyond their reach.
Tonight I am thankful for this picture.  This picture right here put me right back on track.  We can do this!  And we will do this!  No dream is too big if we never give up!

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