Saturday, February 11, 2017


I was thinking today about lists.  If you've been around for my blogs from several years ago, you've heard about my dislike of lists.  I found lists to be controlling . . always trying to tell me what to do.  And while, I don't think that I was completely wrong in that logic; I am very proud of myself for my use of lists in more recent times.
There are all sorts of apps for organization and lists and the like.  I have found out that most of those aren't for me.  To a good degree, I am a paper and pen type of person.  And lists are very much where I need real paper.  I need to be able to leave the list where I will have to see it.  Because I certainly will not go looking for it, and that includes in my phone.
I'm currently working on a list for meals this week, a grocery list, a list of phone calls I need to make on Monday, a list of things I still need to prepare for my tax appointment this week, a list of ideas for some business stuff, and a list of other random things that I need to remember not to forget.  My brain can only go so far; then it gets forgetful and a little fuzzy.
I was just talking to the hubster today about how maybe I should be overwhelmed with all that is going on right now.  But I'm not.  Part of that is just a personal characteristic that seriously just shuts off the light when I start to get overwhelmed - it is a trained response because I don't like feeling overwhelmed.  So I take a step back and shut off that part of the world for a bit.  And the other part is all these lists to help me remember everything I am supposed to do.
Tonight I am thankful that time and practice has dulled my rebellious feelings towards lists.  Maybe I grew up a little.  Maybe I forgot a few too many things and realized I needed help.  Whatever the reason, I've got lists all over my desk to keep me sane now!

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