Saturday, February 4, 2017

Looking At Me Funny

People are looking at me funny.  I hope no one calls the police.  Although, it wouldn't be the first time.  Usually I get the police called when I'm working and have to go in to bank owned houses.  Neighbors get jumpy about such things.
Right now I'm just sitting in a parking lot of a snow sledding place.  I can't go outside myself and stand in the cold and walk up a big snowy hill.  If I were to try, I would start coughing and hacking until I threw up.  Nice visual, eh?  Sorry.  It's the truth.  I'm still going thru different tests and meeting different doctors to find out why my body is being so darn screwy lately (to put it politely).  Anyway, I normally would love to go tubing on the snow hill.  But I can't.  So I brought my laptop with me to do a little work while my girl sleds with her Girl Scout troop.
It's actually nice and quiet in my car.  My house is not usually so quiet.  I'm thinking maybe I should just forget the work and take a nap!  I guess I'll decide later; depends on how long they sled for.
But, while sitting here it is a nice to reflect on today.  Today was busy, but in a good way.  Lots of positive things happened today.  AND, before heading out for this sledding event, I got to soak in a nice, hot bath.  I'd been waiting all week to relax in a hot bath with eucalyptus epsom salts!  It was hard to get out of the tub . . . which may or may not have been why we were a few minutes late getting here tonight!
Tonight I am thankful for some relaxing, quiet time in my car right now!  As long as no one reports me as being a wierdo on a laptop in a car, then I'm alright!  :)

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