Thursday, February 16, 2017

No Magic Draw

I have a secret that you may not be able to guess. . . . I'm really not a "baby" person.  I have loved my own babies!  And there are a handful of other babies that have been special to me.  But, random babies that I don't know are just like people that I don't know.  I have no special magic draw to babies just because they are miniature people.
I do think they are cute and all!  Don't get me wrong!  But I have no urge to hold a cute baby just because I am standing next to one or anything.
Exceptions to my blasé attitude towards babies would include when my nieces were babies and a handful of close friends.  Which is why I am excited for tomorrow!!  After working my butt off for days and weeks, I have some unscheduled time tomorrow!  So I am going to visit my friend and her new little bundle of joy!  The last time we were supposed to meet for dinner her little darling had sent her to the hospital.  Not even a week later, she was born, just a tad early!
Tonight I am thankful that I get to go meet a much loved, new little baby person tomorrow!  Her Mommy and Daddy have been so excited for her!

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