Monday, February 13, 2017

Parking Lot

I had an appointment tonight at 5.  I haven't been scheduling evening weekday appointments lately.  We just have too many kiddo activities in the evenings.  But, today I made an exception.
The appointment actually went pretty quick.  I was driving towards home and was passing by where one child was having a basketball practice.  I was about 10 minutes before her practice started, but I drove by to see if I might catch the hubster and the ball player in the parking lot.  I turned on the road and saw them with their blinker on, about to turn in to the parking lot.  What good timing!
My ball player had a huge smile on her face getting a Mommy surprise :)  She grabbed her stuff and ran in to practice.  The hubster and I sat out in the parking lot for a little bit and chatted before I had to head home.
Tonight I am thankful for a surprise fifteen minutes to chat to the hubster tonight!  We should actually plan talks like that.  No one could run in and interrupt us when we were sitting in the parking lot.  When we talk at home there are always interruptions!

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