Monday, February 27, 2017


The difference between a dreamer and a someone who achieves their dreams is a plan to reach the goals.
I know I'm guilty of stating a dream and then not following thru on it.  Reasons vary of course.  But some things sure sound good, that I want them.  And I say I want them, and that is what I'm going to do . . . but it doesn't always happen.  This was pointed out to me tonight.  Because yes, even in this blog I have stated my dream of working less at different points over the years.  And believe me, that is what I want!!  But it isn't something that I want bad enough to dump the other dreams and goals that hang on me working a lot.  Some day my dream of working less will be achieved.  But here's the thing I know now that I didn't when I first made this goal . . . I know now that I don't want to work less and worry about things.  I know that a step by step plan to reach my dream of working less involves working more right now.  It involves making life secure and stable in areas that will allow me to relax and not worry when I'm not working!
Last year's goal was to make it thru Dave Ramsey's Baby Step #2 . . which we did!  Hooray!  Yes, I'm still celebrating that victory because that was a huge one!  And now my next dream is starting to become more real.  I want to pay off the house!  And I'm looking at numbers and making plans.  Because a dream needs a good plan if it is going to become reality!  This will become our reality!  It's exciting!
And the steps in our plan to reach the goal are becoming exciting!  This year has some specific work goals that involve more work of course.  I read a great article over the weekend.  And of course I have to paraphrase a little because I am a horrible verbatim person.  It went something like: you don't burn out when you have a purpose.  If you are feeling burnt out, then you need to rediscover your purpose.
In my experience, this is true to a point.  I've burnt out before while being on fire and aware of my purpose.  Those instances also include me not taking proper care of myself - which is changing!
Here we are at the end of February and I am still so excited for what this year has in store!  The first two months have already held so much learning of new things and new ideas for me!  I have lots more to go.  And it's exciting!
Tonight I am thankful for the dreams that have plans to become goals.  I am thankful for purpose to drive me to goals.  And I'm even thankful for the dreams that didn't work the way I had hoped for.  I wasn't ready then.  I'm not ready now.  But I will be someday . . and it will be so worth it!

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