Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Up until maybe two years ago now, I had never heard of Thieves oil.  I hate regrets, but oh man this oil could have saved my house so many times when the flu was passed slowly from person to person!
If you look online, there are a few different versions of the story.  My summary for you tonight is like this:  during the time of the Bubonic plague there were robbers who were stealing from graves of people who had died from the plague.  When the thieves were caught, the king had them questioned as to how they had not caught the plague and died themselves when they were stealing.  They answered with this oil blend that they covered themselves in, that kept the bad germs from getting to them.  Pretty impressive stuff, eh?
So here in my house we love thieves!  It is now our household cleaner, dental floss, and regular ole' oil.  Two different times this winter I have had a child bring home the flu from school.  I put them on the couch with a puke bowl and set up the thieves oil diffusing next to them.  Both times now the child seems to get better a little faster.  But more impressively, no one else gets it!  Hooray!!
Peppermint is my second favorite oil for all it does with cold stuffiness.
Today I sent my daughter to school with an oil diffusing necklace.  Last night she was almost in tears because of her ears.  She has been the most prone to ear infections.  Last night we did a peroxide treatment for her.  And I put some peppermint on her ears before bed.  Today she had peppermint and thieves in her diffuser necklace all day.  And I am happy to say that she was doing much, much better when I picked her up from school today!  Hooray!
Tonight I am thankful for finding out about oils!  I know there are more that do wonderful things.  For now, we stick to the favorites!

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