Sunday, February 19, 2017


This weather has been wonderful this weekend!  I hope everyone got to enjoy at least some of it!
Here in my neck of the woods we started with spring cleaning along with a little outdoor time in the sun.
I've been waiting for warmer weather to put together a recovering petting zoo, de-horned goat with the rest of my goats.  I've put them together a few times in the cold and I just feel sorry for the petting zoo goat.  He wants to play with them and butt heads, but they've given him a headache several times.  Horns against a hard head are favored to the horned animal!  
Today in the warm weather the animals butted heads a little and played a little.  Inspired by the sunshine, they got along well.
Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful, warm weekend!  And I am thankful for all my critters learning to get along with each other!
Here are some of my crew on our way out to the barn to check on the goats.

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