Friday, February 17, 2017

The Rest of the Story . .

Sometimes I feel like I really need to give you guys updates on things!  I mention things in this blog and I just hate leaving half a story untold! So now I will share "the rest of the story".
For all my little statements (kind of complaints . . . ok, complaints . . ) about being sickly for the past month and a half, I finally have answers.  The whole thing was frustrating to me.  I like answers.  And I prefer them to be immediate!  However, after tests and tests and more tests, I had no answers.
So one night I was thinking over everything from the beginning.  The pneumonia was an answer at the beginning of December.  The bronchitis was an answer shortly thereafter.  Then I was still rather sickly though.  So I was put another antibiotic, stronger than the previous two.  It was at the end of this last antibiotic that I started my constant fever of around 100 degrees and overall crappy tiredness.
Hmm . . . yes, that all started with about two days left of the third, consecutive antibiotic that I was taking.  So here's a little fact for all of you (or maybe you know it, but I certainly hadn't thought about it).  You can make your liver sick with antibiotics.  Yep.
I'd heard that too many antibiotics can lower your resistance to them.  But I had never heard of practically poisoning yourself with them.  And that is what had happened.
So, I am trying extra hard to rest a little more.  I am drinking gallons of more water.  And I am taking some supplements to make my liver happy again.  I am happy to report that it seems to be on the mend.  Not 100% yet, but getting there little by little.
Tonight I am thankful for answers to my questions and a game plan to make a sick liver get healthy again!

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