Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tide . . not the Soap

Who watched Bed of Roses from the 90's?  Hmmm?  When after tragedy, Lewis changes jobs to be a florist.  I have had that thought fairly often in adult life.  Just chuck all these other plans and be a florist.  Why?  Because people are always happy to receive flowers!  Even for a funeral, who doesn't smile a little when they see flowers?
Today was one of those days.  As a real estate broker, there are many happy days helping people.  As a real estate appraiser, there are more days where I do my job and piss everyone off.  Some days I take it well.  Other days it gets to me.
So here I was tonight, starting to slide down the slippery walls to a grand ole' pity party.  But I am trying to sink my heels in to the side of this slippery wall and climb back up.
This knowledge of my industry is nothing new.  This is why I have branched out and have been making good plans towards growing the brokerage and subsequently working far less in the appraisal world!
Sometimes I overwhelm myself with all the ideas for this year.  And I met with some very intelligent professionals who advised me of some things that I'd be smart to change as soon as possible.  My list grows and grows sometimes until I push those items to the back burner.  But the back burner is not where these things can stay.  If I want things to change, then it is time to keep working towards that change!  Some days I feel like I'm trying to change the ocean current with the way my life has been scheduled around the kids and hubster and work - and not a lot of time to put extra time anywhere.  But, it is possible and the tide will be changing . . I'll make the extra time, a little at a time!
So tonight, while feeling low and discouraged, I set aside the work that is still due before midnight tonight (I'll get back at that in just a few minutes).  And I pulled out my back burner list.  I have filled out several forms to change some things.  I wrote some checks.  I saved some documents in to logical places for future reference.  And I said some prayers!  I need help here.  I could maybe do this myself.  But this whole thing will turn out so much better with God in control!  Yep, I'm feeling a bit more empowered!
Tonight I am thankful for re-direction.  I am thankful that I am not stuck where I'm at.  I am thankful for a change of the tide, it is happening!

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