Sunday, February 5, 2017


I am a Patriot's fan.  I liked the Patriots before the Patriots were good.  Tonight though, no bad mouthing or anything, the Falcons have a good game.    
No matter what the outcome (I know it won't be my Patriots), I love Super Bowl day!  Over the years, we have grown a tradition of going to the Women's Expo on Super Bowl day.  It started with my Mom, Grandma, Aunt, and myself.  This tradition has grown in to me and my girls going.  One year we left early so we picked up some breakfast.  Now we leave early so we can get breakfast on purpose :)
I've always wanted to get a massage.  One time I even bought a Groupon for a massage.  But then I never did it.  It just seemed like a lot to set aside that much time to go and a have a massage.  I had so many other things to do with my time.  The massage wasn't at the top of my to-do list . . . although it was at the top of my wish list!  Today I finally got a massage :)  $1 per minute . . absolutely!
We got less freebies today than in prior years.  We usually fill up bags of free goodies!  We did find an awesome new product today that kept curls in my daughter's hair!  This is an absolutely amazing feat!  This girl has had two different perms that fell right out.  Curling irons, hot rollers, mouse, hair spray, gel, braids at night, nothing lasts with her thick, heavy hair.  The lady at the booth took a bit of time to curl both of my girls' hair and even mine.  With all three of our different hair types, this thing worked on everyone!  This is just shy of a miracle!
We also pick up some goodies to eat later on during the game!  This year we tried a delicious chocolate cake from Bake N' Cakes!  $7 off it's original price just for the Expo!  We did some grocery shopping on the way home and picked up the rest of our Game Day goodies.  I think we got too much food actually . . oops!
And here we are watching the big game.  Everyone has full tummies and sleepy eyes.
Tonight I am thankful for what has grown in to our Super Bowl day traditions!  I always love when my team wins.  But even when they don't, we have a good day here in my house.

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