Sunday, February 26, 2017

Two Frustrating Months!

Picture it . . November 19th, 2016, a craft bazaar filled with cute things:  I find some cute items for my Mom for Christmas.  I buy them, bring them home, and pack them away safely.
Fast forward to Christmas Eve.  I've just spent hours and hours working on finishing the quilt for my Grandma.  I've spent so much time that we are already late for Christmas Eve festivities.  I'm feeling bad and guilty for not being ready on time, knowing everyone is waiting on me.  I wrap up the quilt and go to grab the items for my Mom to wrap.  Except, I can't find them.  I start tearing the house apart.  I've got certain areas where I keep Christmas presents and I can't find those items anywhere!  I'm in tears at that point and throwing things everywhere.
Fortunately I had purchased some oil diffuser necklaces at an awesome deal thru Groupon weeks ago.  I pull one of the necklaces out and wrap it quickly while drying my tears.  It isn't what I had picked out for her a month before.  But it would have to do.
I felt horrible.  I felt like I ruined Christmas, which of course I hadn't.  But, I had gotten my mom a diffuser necklace at the craft bazaar and had it filled with wonderful Christmas scented oils!  And I had picked her out a hand crafted wood snowman with the cutest smile that would make her smile.  I knew she would love it!  The other diffuser necklace was good, but it wasn't filled with the Christmas oils and it didn't have a charm.
When we arrived late for Christmas Eve, it was still a wonderful night filled with family, happiness, and love!  My mom loved the diffuser necklace that I had brought.  But I told her that there was more and that I had misplaced it.
Fast forward TWO MONTHS!!  I FINALLY FOUND IT!!  I apparently had been worried about the snowman breaking, so I had packed him in a shoe box.  Then I had put the shoe box inside a tote.  Apparently I had planned to put some Christmas presents in a tote this year.  And then I forgot.
I have seen this tote several times since then.  It is a clear tote.  And I thought one of my children had left shoes in it.  Because of course, I would fill a tote completely and not just leave a shoe box only in a tote, right?  Today I finally went in to see which shoes were in the shoe box and I found the presents!  I have been driving myself crazy for months searching this house and wondering where I could have put those things!!!
Tonight I am thankful for Christmas in February!  Whew!  Finally!  Now I have to find the Valentine's Day card that I bought for the hubster at the beginning of January . . . . I ended up buying him another card on Valentine's Day because I couldn't find the first one I bought.  I may have a problem . . .

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