Saturday, March 4, 2017

All Around

The excitement in this house this weekend so far has been on a high level!
Yesterday was the middle school dance - the last one for my 8th grader.  Tonight was the Daddy/Daughter dance - the last one for my 5th grader.
Several years ago the boys and I started a date night tradition while daddy and the girls went to the dance.  I hadn't realized that I'd gotten predictable with our date night.  So I had to think of something different this year.  And I must say that I surprised them wonderfully!
We went out to dinner, per usual.  And then we went to the movies to see Lego Batman.  Where I surprised by reserving us the premier seats with free popcorn and a waitress.  I let them order chocolate shakes.  They had a blast reclining and un-reclining the seats for a half hour before the movie started.  And of course . . I mean Lego Batman . . of course they loved it!
The dance went well too.  My oldest daughter helps there for Girl Scouts.  And my younger daughter had fun at her last dance.  She got a little sad that it was her last one.  I told her now there will just have to be a Daddy/Daughter date night like we have a Mommy/Son date night!  And she will have fun middle school dances next year.
Growing up can be tough.  I remember that feeling when I realized that something would never happen again.  It's sad and very unsettling.  But to see her smile after a big hug and hear about her fun night was good.  Those are the things we'll hold on to, not the ending part.  Every ending brings a new beginning.
Tonight I am thankful for a good night all around!  The girls and the hubster had a great time at the dance.  The girls even took a picture together :)  It is adorable!  And the boys and I had a great time.  It was wonderful to surprise them!
P.S.  See those little white specs on my table?  Yep, I spilled my popcorn while reclining and putting my feet up.  Seriously I had my popcorn for like two minutes and spilled it.  The boys laughed.  Then helped me eat up the spill!

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