Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Calling Bull*&#$

Something from a conversation last week has stuck with me.  I had mentioned part of the discussion in my blog that night.  My friend had mentioned how people run around always in a rush, with adrenaline pumping.  And although adrenaline is good and has a purpose in our bodies - it is not meant to live with.  Our bodies weren't meant to have adrenaline coursing thru our veins the majority of our waking hours.  That's not what it's for.  But that's how we live.
For a body to naturally absorb and "handle" adrenaline, it takes many, many hours.  So we are giving our bodies no recovery time.  One night's sleep is not enough.
Man, that has stuck with me.  At this point in my life, I choose not to slow down many things.  I choose not to slow down kid activities - although I do strongly encourage them to think about how much they truly want to participate in activities.  I choose not to slow down my work.  Ok, well this is the year to slow down appraisals, but not the brokerage - that I want to grow.  I have chosen to work my businesses around the kids, which makes things a bit more complicated.
Life is just fast right now.  And I am working much harder on consciously choosing the things that are involved with making life fast.  I want them to be worthwhile and to a good end.  I don't want to be running around just to run.  I am working harder on saying "no" to things.
Let me switch gears for a minute please.  On my recent quest to become healthier (not just skinnier or lighter), exercise has been hit or miss.  I do love the quick work-outs thru Sweat Flix.  Although I still have a touch of asthma from all the respiratory crap over the last several months.  I suck at asthma.  My hat is off to those who live with it day to day.  I don't like the inhaler.  I really don't think I use it correctly, but seriously it isn't a complicated device.  So I choose to gasp and wheeze for 10-15 minutes rather than use it.  Ok, not the best of my decisions.  So, in turn, I also have not been working out so hard.  And the asthma stuff is improving.  The doctor said a few months and I should be back to normal.
But, when to work out?  Years ago I was a morning work-out person.  Then I was an evening work out person.  As life got busier, I'd squeeze it in whenever.  In all my reading on this new found quest for health, I've been reminded how good it is to work out in the morning.  I've set goals for myself there . . and failed.  And then felt bad about myself.  "Anyone who really wants it can make time" . . um . . . I call bullshit on that.  When a night's sleep is still physically not enough rest for my body, what time can I make?
For someone who has not slept enough for the past 7 years, NO, I shouldn't get up early to work out.  It is a struggle for me to allow 8 hours for sleep.  And this is something that I am working hard at allowing for myself.  And this is healthy.  I have seen the effects of my lack of sleep on my overall health and no one will convince me that going back to my old ways to exercise and push my all ready fatigued body is good for me.  It simply isn't logical.  Yes, I want "it".  And yes, I'll make time . . but on my own time, and in the way that is healthiest for me.
In my current state I can't do long work outs.  I can't breathe well enough to do it.  And, my organs are still healing inside from being poisoned with medicine.  So I don't feel like pushing my body thru my hour long Zumba dances or my miles around the track.
I've been focusing on strength training instead and throwing in a little cardio here and there in small amounts.  But, I'm not consistent.
So here's where I threw out everything I read and decided to use my brain.  I will do a few little exercises in the morning.  This morning I did lunges thru my house as I got ready to leave.  Then I dropped and did some push ups before brushing my teeth.  That was all.  Until this afternoon when I had a little dance party at my standing desk while my files uploaded.
And then (here's where I'm tying in the adrenaline talk) tonight I took myself down to my basement gym to do a little stronger workout.  Physical exercise is good to rid the body of a lot of bad things.  And now, it seems more logical to me to do this at night after a stressful day!  I'm not giving up on my Epsom salt baths by any means - they are wonderful to relieve stress as well!  But I don't have time for those every night.
My new plan, while life is like it is now, is to break up little things throughout the day.  I'll keep this body moving without hurting it further.  And at night, I'll try to fit in a few extra minutes to unload on my punching bag and work these muscles a little more . . and maybe in the meantime I'll sleep a little better, free from of a lot of the things my body has held on to throughout the day.
Tonight I am thankful for thinking logically rather than believing what I've been reading.  Every body is different.  My body used to respond well to morning work outs and strict diets.  In the past several months, they have made me worse.  Why?  Those things aren't what is healthy for me right now.  And that is what I want . . I want to be healthy again.

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