Friday, March 31, 2017


Today was the Monday-ist Friday I've had in a very long time.  Seriously.
But we won't get in to all that.
The part of this day that IS worth mentioning is this evening.  We had a "Girl's Night Out"!  Just me and my girls :)
We did some quick shopping.  And a quick bite to eat.  Then we were off to see Beauty and the Beast.  The popcorn was delicious, as always!  The recliner seats were a dream.  I should've brought a blanket . . I always get a little chilly.  And the movie was better than I expected.  I have to say that I liked it better than I liked the cartoon!!  One of my daughters laughed when she saw me crying.  Mean girl . . . making fun of her mother!  I'll eat her next serving of ice cream!  Ha ha ha!
Tonight I am thankful for a fun night out with my girls!  It was a perfect way to brighten up an otherwise crap-tastic day!

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