Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Ok, I'm going to go off here just a little bit . . so please bear with me.
There is so much going on right now with Disney and Beauty and Beast.  I try to stay out of politics and the like with media attention whining.  But this one is funny to me.
I have read people bashing all Disney things.  And how the stories are unfair to women.  And how yada, yada, yada.  Here's the deal.  They are.  And who cares.
If I am concerned that my daughter is going to watch Sleeping Beauty and then wait for her prince to come save her in life; then I have failed as a parent.  If my boys watch this movie and think that they need to grow up and save a woman, then I have failed as a parent.  If one movie that my child watches can make him or her believe that he or she needs to be rescued or be a maid, or a hero , or whatever; then seriously I am a bad parent.  Here's a fact which shouldn't be a surprise - these are stories.  These are completely fictional stories.  And I would hope that I have done a good enough job communicating with my children that they can tell fiction from real life.
I enjoy Disney movies.  I enjoy other movies too which are not completely equal to all parties involved.  That is life.  And for the time these stories were written, they are par for the course.  How self righteous to declare that a movie in a time where women were not equal to men be changed to have the women equal!  So we are just going to rewrite history now to satisfy our own self needs?  I don't think so.  Why not point out to our children how far we have come?  Why not celebrate that things are not now as they once were?  And why not celebrate that there are all types of people in life and that is what makes beautiful?  God enjoys variety and you cannot honestly look at this Earth and disagree!
When they were littler, my girls dressed up in fancy dresses and had fun pretending to be princesses.  That is childhood.  Guess what else they did?  They climbed trees in the fancy dresses.  They put on the dresses and ran outside to the barn to play.  They were not brainwashed by Disney.  They were inspired to dream by Disney.
We, as people, can sit in our living room chairs and look at any certain thing in this world and pick it apart until there is no wonder or excitement in anything.  But, why?  Aren't there other things in the world that need our attention more?
So if you want to see the movie, go see the movie!  If you don't want to see the movie, don't go see the movie!  Don't bash the company who made the movie for making the movie.  Do you know how many movies I don't agree with?  I mean, I would need to hire assistants to protest all the movies out there that I don't like.  But I don't.  I'd rather enjoy life.
And if you love the movie, don't bash the people who don't want to see the movie.  Not everyone likes the same movies.  Not everyone agrees.  You cannot change this and make people agree with you.  Not everyone likes jelly on their grilled cheese sandwiches either, but I don't hate people for this  . . .seriously, try it once though.  Yum!
Ok, to summarize; tonight I am thankful for choice.  I am thankful for the choice to parent my children to believe in themselves and to believe that there are no limits to what they can do or be in life.  I am thankful for the chance to let them make believe, dream, and play; because there is a specialness to life when you let that happen.  And I am thankful that movies are seriously just movies.  They are stories meant to entertain.  And if we parent our children, they understand this as well.
Oh yes, and I am thankful for grilled cheese sandwiches with jelly on top.  Yum :)  I stole this picture from the internet because I wasn't going to make a sandwich just for my blog.  But, yum :)

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