Saturday, March 25, 2017

Good for the Soul

Today was funny.
I had shopping plans with my mom and grandma.  I called when I was on my way to meet them and I got word that my grandma was super excited about our shopping trip!  She was up this morning full of attitude and energy!  You gotta love a 90 year old woman excited about shopping!!!
At the store, she was cruising along at top speed!  My mom made grandma sit and rest at one point.  Grandma still wasn't ready to rest, but she complied while she looked at greeting cards.
Our regular lunch stop at Big Boy had grandma and mom refueling with hot fudge brownies!  I am always the fuddy-duddy here and I get fish and fries :)  Yum!
We were sitting there talking and decided we needed more shopping!  Our last shopping trip ended after lunch.  But this time grandma was ready to keep moving!   Mom was getting a little concerned, but grandma was adamant that she was not too tired yet :)
Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful time with my mom and grandma today!  I love our shopping trips :)

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