Monday, March 6, 2017

Labor of Love

The year was 2006.  I was pretty pregnant at the time with my 3rd child.  The hubster and the daughter were sleeping.  My year and a half old son wanted to play and be loud.  I was tired, but there was no way I was sleeping.  So I loaded up the awake boy and we went for a drive.
Somehow we found ourselves on a dirt road in Shiawassee county.  There was a repo house with a sign in the yard.  The grass was higher than my knees and the house was in desperate need of some love!  I pulled in the driveway and peeked in the windows.  The original 1900's windows, mind you.  I couldn't see much thru the cloudy,  wavy glass, but the wood floors looked amazingly beautiful.
The hubster and I had talked about getting in to investment properties and we had some family members at the time that had been going thru a rough time.  It was perfect!  We bought the house and had a joint family effort to bring it back to its glory!  By the way, the wood floors that I loved thru the window were horrible.  Warped, holes, and pretty much beyond saving.  I'm glad they were pretty thru the window!
Well our family members got back on their feet and moved out.  We put the house up for sale.  But the market was still kind of down.  For what we had bought the house for and what we had invested in to it . . it wasn't looking promising to sell and make even a little profit.  We received a phone call from someone who wanted to rent it with an option to buy.  It was better than the house sitting empty, so we accepted.
Here we are many years later now and we are ready to be done with that property.  In all honesty the hubster has been ready to be done with it for awhile.  However, I saw the property as an investment; so I had hope enough to want to hold on to it.  With our Dave Ramsey journey I have contemplated this house over and over again.  Do we keep it as an investment and pay off the mortgage on it?  The numbers weren't in favor of that.  The numbers said to sell it.  The numbers have said to sell it for years now.
I think the hubster did cartwheels when I called him at work and said I was finally ready to sell it.  It really is a cute house on a quiet, country lot.  It is charming.  It is classic farm house, country charming!  I still love it :)
Alright, so we got everything ready and put it up for sale last week.  I was prepared for a few months on the market maybe.  I mean, it's out in the country.  We weren't starting at rock bottom pricing or anything.  We had our first showing after a day and a half of the house being listed.  Another showing two days later.  Another showing today.  One tomorrow.  Two on Wednesday.  And we got in an offer today.
I am blown away.  Simply blown away!  I looked at all the market data before we listed.  There was nothing to suggest this reaction.  I seriously feel like God is smiling on us!  This house endeavour has not been an investment success by any means over the years.  It has been a labor of love and compassion for our family first and then for our tenants.
I keep trying to rein in my excitement.  There are still a lot of steps between here and the closing table.  I am praying for guidance and wisdom!  And patience!
Tonight I am thankful for the excitement so far about this house!  This property has been a fair source of stress over the past six months.  It's nice now to be a source of hope!
I will continue to be thankful for the chance to have had this house and learn lessons about investment properties . . some of the lessons were learned the hard way here.  But the lessons were learned nonetheless.  The next investment property will be handled much more prudently!  I am still thankful for the opportunity to do this.  And I will be extra thankful in a few months when the new owners are kicking back and enjoying the house!

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