Sunday, March 5, 2017

Life Online

In real life, like around real, physical people, I'm not a joiner.  I don't do groups well.  And I just do much better by myself.  Here on facebook land though, I join all sorts of things.  I have found some great groups with similar interests that I would never get in touch with if I had to actually sit in a room with these people.
Lately I've been gathering lots of encouragement from the Dave Ramsey groups.  It seems almost every week someone is paying off their house!  This is so awesome!  This is where I see myself.  I've even set a date - which I hope is a good goal date.
I start to think that maybe I should be less intense about this.  The kids are at great ages to do wonderful, memorable things with.  And maybe we should spend more money on trips and stuff.  BUT, I think what we are doing here is better.  There are so many memories we can make with these wonderful children without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars.  And they will have the memory of watching mom  and dad work their tails off to pay off this debt.  AND, hopefully they will choose a different path when they grow up.  I see such wonderful possibilities for my kids with the free-from-debt lives they can live!  And I think a lifetime without debt is worth a lot more to the kiddos than a vacation.
Besides, in a few short years, we'll be able to do all sorts of vacations, with cash of course; with the knowledge that we owe nothing to no one.  I will be able to rest so much better on a vacation knowing we are completely financially free!!
Even the hubster, (who at first thought I was crazy with my timeline for this house payoff thing) is getting excited.  I was excited when he was just on board with thinking this was possible.  But now he is getting excited.  This weekend we were talking about life things and he talked about the house being paid off like he talks about the mail coming.  He sees it as happening now too!  And he is getting excited about our life free from debt after it is done!
Tonight I am thankful for our continuing journey on this path towards being debt free!  I am also thankful for the Facebook Dave Ramsey sites.  They are a good source of inspiration!  We are still on baby step #3 - and I had hoped to be a little further than this right now.  BUT, I am counting my blessings that we are here, where we are.  We have been able to handle things with cash that we wouldn't have been able to handle before.  And the future is looking bright to start zooming along this track soon!

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