Monday, March 27, 2017

Mac N' Cheese

I've been doing fairly good at healthier eating.  Weekends are a struggle.  Especially weekends when I simply don't care about eating healthy!  But week days I've been doing remarkably better.
All thru today I had grand visions of a healthy dinner done in our Instant Pot!  Guess what though?  The clock hit about 3pm and all I wanted was macaroni and cheese.  Yep . . . not really healthy.  Seriously, the thought of meat was not appetizing at all.  This is odd for me because I am a huge meat eater.
Here's the difference between how I am eating now and when I've "dieted" in the past.  This time I am trying to listen to my body.  NOT, my taste buds mind you.  I will not be diving in to a tub of Oreos and eating my way out . . . well maybe when I'm dreaming at night :)
Anyway, tonight we did have macaroni and cheese for dinner.  I ate mine with corn in it.  Yum!  BUT, I didn't eat half the pan.  Sometimes a body craves a certain food because your body needs something that food has.  I honestly don't know if that could be the case tonight, because I don't think mac n' cheese is high in anything nutritious.  But, I was still reasonable with portion size.
Tonight I am thankful for choosing something healthy (portion size) when all I wanted was something unhealthy (mac n' cheese).  I was definitely ready to beat myself up about this while I was eating.  But, I paused and reminded myself that what I am doing here is not a quick-fix diet.  I am working on a lifestyle change.  And I can guarantee that in the remaining years of my life I will have mac n' cheese again.  So making that choice manageable is a good thing.

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