Thursday, March 16, 2017

Monday thru Friday

I saw a thing online today.  It said "If you are living for vacations or the weekend, your shit's messed up".
This one kind of got to me.  For years I have made a point to try and enjoy life as it comes.  Because, I don't want to need a vacation from life.  I want to enjoy life every day.
These last few weeks though, I've been feeling like Monday thru Friday are just a race to get everything done.  And sometimes, on the weekend, there is a little rest.  Either that, or I get to catch up on things I've gotten behind on during the week.
A part of that is because we've had so much going on in the evenings.  This Saturday is a big day for all four of my children with last games and competitions.  After this Saturday, the calendar clears up a bit, which is good.  And I am working on so many business things right now: restructuring, new accounting, new infrastructure.  It's just going to take a little while to have everything up and running like it should.
I agree with the statement that I found on line today.  But I want to quantify it.  Lately I feel like I'm living for the weekend.  But, I don't feel like we have things messed up.  We are just in a busy season.  Things will slow.  New ventures will get smoothed out and running well.  And then, yes and then, we can enjoy Monday thru Friday not just because they are days in life; but because we've worked hard to make them part of a soundly built life.
In the meantime, I will be thankful for our busy time.  I will be thankful for a calendar that bursts at the seams Monday thru Friday because it means that we are working, the children are learning new skills and doing things that they love.  And believe me, it means that we will be every so thankful when things slow up a bit!

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