Sunday, March 12, 2017

No Play

With my Friday blog-stated weekend goal, I feel like I should report in that my entire upstairs is not clean yet.  We have made fantastic progress though!
I find it very draining to go thru the mess that my children make.  I'm only good for a certain amount of time and then I'm just done.  Today, for example, I ran away from home.  I was working upstairs for a bit.  Things were looking good.  I came downstairs and on a whim checked my phone.  A movie I wanted to see started at the theater in about a half hour.  I told the hubster I was running away and I took myself to see a movie :)  The younger version of me would have never gone to the movies alone.  But in more recent years, I find it very peaceful.
After the movies I drove out and met my parents at my latest idea.  I feel like a tease, but I really can't say too much online here.  Some things have to be approved for this to happen.  I will say that I'm very excited about it!  My mom and the hubster are the voices of reason to my crazy ideas - sometimes . . . when I listen to them . . . I'm rather stubborn.  They both were skeptical about this one.  But when I laid out my plan, they are both thinking positively!  So we'll see what happens next!  Honestly, I've been quite distracted by this idea since yesterday afternoon when it first hit me.
So yes, back home I came.  The hubster is the most recent victim of the flu in this house.  I have been putting Thieves oil on myself like crazy since our first flue case on Thursday.  So far, so good.  Tonight I am sleeping in my office.  Paranoid?  Maybe.  I have this week scheduled already though, and "flu" is not on the calendar!
Tonight I am thankful for not getting the upstairs all clean.  Ok, truth be told, I'd be very thankful if we HAD gotten it all clean.  But instead, I had fun running away and relaxing in a movie theater.  Then I had fun sharing my latest and greatest crazy idea :)  All work and no play makes for a not-so-fun Sunday!

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