Monday, March 13, 2017


This year none of my kids wanted to play basketball.  We got the sign up sheets home from school, and the answer was no.
After my son's friends started talking about practice at school, he wanted to join.  But at that point, it was too late to sign up.  Then we got the sign up sheets home from school for another basketball program, Connect Sports thru the local churches.  We have done a few different sports programs thru the local churches and I have been very pleased with them.
Ok, so we told him we would sign him up.  Upon hearing this, my daughter also decided to sign up.  We went from a sports-less winter season to two ball players.  Totally ok though, they were excited!  (Yes, I look forward to sports-less seasons . . our calendar looks like a novel sometimes . . )  Both kids have greatly enjoyed their seasons!  This is the last week.
Tonight was my daughter's last practice.  They practiced about half the time and then they had ice cream :)  This was so neat.  All the kids have a little party after their last games this weekend.  Tonight was extra, the coaches decided that the girls had behaved so well this season that they deserved a treat.  How neat is that?! :)  And my boy's team is doing something special beyond their after-game party because of how hard they have worked this season!
The kids don't need the extras.  They don't need a party.  I'm not here to get in to a big debate about such things.  I'm just saying that from watching my kids this season, they are feeling pretty proud of themselves to have earned extra recognition for their efforts!
Tonight I am thankful our sports-less winter season transformed in to a sports-filled season.  The kids have loved it.  It really didn't take up too much time.  And oh yes, the kids loved it ;)

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