Friday, March 24, 2017


Momma ran out of patience today.  It happens.  Mommas are human after all.
Too much work this week.  Too much go-go-go.  Today there was too much telephone and too many emails with too much work already on my desk.
By the time the kids got out of school and argued about every little thing that a person could possibly argue about . .  yep, I had enough.  Chores were done, but attitudes were still present.  So the Xbox went away.  Then the tv turned off.  Kids were kicked outside.  Kids were sent to bed.  Fortunately all kids are still alive.
Every once in awhile a momma just loses her cool.  The hubster came home and wisely removed himself and the children from the volatile situation a.k.a.  his wife.  In the quieter house after normal business hours, I was finally able to finish what was necessary to be finished today.
Then I went outside for a bit.  I let the goats out of their pen and they munched on the grass while I did a little yard work.  It was quite therapeutic.  And it was nice to watch our newest goat, BJ.  He was a petting zoo baby last year and had always lived inside a fence.  He was pretty excited to be out in the yard with no limits :)
The sky was lightening, scaring the goats.  I had just put them back in their pen when the hubster and children returned.  I was brought my requested alcoholic beverage.  And now I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up.
Tonight I am thankful for moments of calm after my storm.  I'll be better tomorrow.  Or else I'll be in handcuffs . . . we'll wait and see ;)

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