Friday, March 3, 2017

Swept Up in Crazy

At around 5:30 tonight I was really starting to regret that I had said I would chaperone at tonight's middle school dance.
Pulling in to the parking lot around 7 pm I thought about just dropping the kids off.  My comfy pants and electric blanket sounded so much better than standing around at a dance for two hours.
I walked in anyway.  And I have to admit, I'm so glad I did.  It was actually pretty fun.  Sure, all I did was pour pop in to cups all night.  But watching the kids was so entertaining!  I got swept up in their craziness a few times, just watching them all.  I stared and smile . . . . gee . . . I hope I wasn't some creepy parent . . . oh well if I was!  It's too late now!
Anyway, tonight I'm glad that I went to the dance tonight.  My kids had been pre-warned that I would be there.  So they didn't even mind.  Although I think I embarrassed my daughter when I went out on the dance floor and danced with her . . . hmmm . . . :)  Ok, yes, sometimes I am that mom . . . but not to a traumatizing-she'll-need-therapy-later level.  Just to a mildly embarrassing level . . . I think . . :)

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