Sunday, March 19, 2017

This Time

Three weeks ago I made a great effort to give up pop.  This is a big deal for me because I'm rather picky.  I don't like tea or coffee or 99% of fruit juices.  So I take away pop and I have water and milk.  Yep, that's it.
I wasn't crazy enough to go absolutely no pop.  Seriously, I don't see that happening as a lifelong goal.  One on the weekends would be ok.  I did pretty good.  So I decided to move to the next phase of transforming the unhealthy parts of my life.
Last week was my first week of eating better.  I decided to watch carbohydrates since my real love is apparently sugar.  I say apparently because when I cut out pop I craved candy to a ridiculous extreme.  And really, if you cut out carbohydrates, it is very easy to eat healthier.  Almost everything processed has extra carbohydrates it seems.
Yesterday I gave myself a free pass though.  Getting up early after a week of not enough sleep and driving in a snow storm to be at a competition on time just dissolved any cares I had to be healthy.  I was actually very naughty yesterday and had 4 pops.  I am not going to beat myself up though.  It was ok.  One day is allowed.
And now I'm back on track.  This is part of a renaissance of sorts within myself.  2017 is the year I listen to my body and get healthy again.  I have spent so many years pushing my body.  I have learned that this will be a process to get back to listening to my body.
It's actually rather eye-opening the things I've noticed about sleep.  For months now I've been sleeping more "normal" amounts of sleep at night.  So this week back to my old ways of not enough sleep have brought back some negative physical aspects that I don't miss.  I am really trying to pay attention to what affects my body.  And sleep definitely affects me more than I would admit for years.
So here I go, back on track and moving forward!
Tonight I am thankful that this is the year that I get myself back.  It's not just a smaller pants size that I'm after.  I could diet and get there - I've done that before.  But this time my goal is healthy.  This time I'm after a healthy life that can't be derailed by a day of four pops or a week of not enough sleep.  This time is different.  This time is lifestyle changes, not temporary changes to get to a certain number.  This time I win for good!

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