Friday, March 10, 2017


My children's area, the second floor of our home, is a disaster.  It looks like a hurricane went thru there.  
In all honesty, I remember how I used to keep my room and it was messy.  Actually, it was only messy up until age maybe 11 or 12.  That was a good age.  I used to clean when I was mad.  And in those preteen years, that happens a lot.  Sadly, I've lost that trait over the years.  Even more sadly now, my children don't have that trait.
They have had numerous chances to clean their rooms.  Like probably thousands of times of them hearing "clean your room".  I have tried every trick in the book to get this to happen.  Like to make a clean room be a regular occurrence . . I don't know.  I think I give up.
Ok, I'm a mom.  I can't really give up.  Mom's can't do that.  Or kids would never learn.  So, instead I will take advantage of a weekend with very little on the calendar!  I will arm myself with trash bags (for trash and donations), thieves cleaner, and four kiddo minions!  And we will clean the upstairs!!!  
Even writing that, I'm doubtful the entire upstairs will get done.  So let me try again:  And we will clean the majority of the upstairs!  Woo Hoo!  There we go!  Good Goals!!
Tonight I am thankful for a weekend with time unspoken for!  I have hope!  I don't know how I'll feel at this time tomorrow . . . but for now, I have hope!

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