Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Watch Me

I have a special place inside me that doesn't take any crap.  When I was younger, I didn't notice it.  I was shy and quiet.  And it wasn't until these last few years that I look back and see that I had a point, even then, where I had enough and would stand up for things.
I think everyone has that point, and some just spend years, or a lifetime, hiding it.  You can pile fear, anxiety, and a whole lot of what-if's on top of that spot and never give it any light.  I found that the more light I gave to it, the better I felt.  It grows, and it gets easier to stand up for what is right.
When you learn how to take the naysayers and turn them in to fuel for your fire; then there is no stopping you.  I have had several moments in my life where I was told I couldn't reach my dreams.  To those people I said simply, "watch me".  It doesn't have to be a fight.  And it certainly isn't worth an explanation.  Those people can't reach their dreams because they've already defeated themselves with their attitudes.  They wouldn't understand.  They won't do it . . but I will.  Don't tell me I can't . . or go ahead and tell me; you won't stop me either way.
Sometimes you just know that something is the right thing for you.  It is so real, that it is like you are already there.  Those are the good ones.  Those are the things that you go after.  Those are the moments when you find that spot inside you that doesn't take any crap.  Any hurdles in the way are just speed bumps.  Any voices or efforts to stop you are just stones to be kicked out of your way.  You stand up when you need to keep those things away that would be against you.  The rest of the time, you charge ahead, with your eyes on the prize, ignoring the jeers from the sidelines that try to distract you.  And that moment when you reach the finish line . . oh that moment is just as good as you knew it always would be!
Tonight I am thankful for dreams and goals.  Big or small, they are important parts of life.  Don't be afraid to reach for what you've been dreaming about!  My newest goal?  Well, there is a conference that I want to attend in Florida - Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership Summit .  It won't be this year.  My house just isn't ready for me to be gone for that amount of time.  And, just learning about it, I haven't budgeted for something that big.  But next year . . . oh next year, it's ON!

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