Friday, March 17, 2017

Who You Are - Please Read This One!

Life is hard.
Life will take opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to question who you are.  And to make YOU question who you are and what you stand for.
It's hard as an adult.  It's hard as a kid.  It's just hard.
I saw a video awhile ago of a dad standing his little girl in the mirror and having her repeat good things about herself.  This is good.  This is what we all need to do.  We need to remind ourselves of who we are, that we are important, and that we deserve good things in life.
And here's why it is important to remind ourselves, and to dwell on these thoughts until they are always upfront in our minds - because it's true.  And because voices we hear, our own voices, circumstances, and life itself will tell us lies.  They will drag us down.  And there is one person who can change all this - you.  You can change you.  I can change me.  And that is where it starts.
A support network is good.  A support network can be strengthening.  A support network can remind you that you are good enough.  But you have to believe it.  You have to remind yourself of it when you don't feel it.  You need to remind yourself why you are good and why you are worth it.  You need to take some time on this.  You need to forgive yourself of things you have done and things that you believe you should have done differently.  You need to see the good.
You need to do this daily.  You need to remind yourself until it is so ingrained in your mind that there is no question about it.  Because it's true.  Because everything else is a lie.
The time in my life when I felt the worst about myself, the most unlovable, the most betrayed, and the most useless, I would replay this every time I felt like nothing:   27 years old and I watched this clip over and over.  Sometimes several times a day.  And I would cry.  I would cry and cry and cry.  I was healing.  And I was remembering the truth.  And I was letting it become a part of me.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, you are meant for great things!  Yes you.  I'm talking to you.  I can judge your cover because I've read the book (lyrics borrowed from a good song).  You need to understand this.  This can become life and death, you NEED to understand that you are meant for love and goodness and great things.  Because it is TRUE.
And parents, we need to understand this because there are young people watching.  Guess what, if you don't think you deserve great things, your kids are watching.  And they are thinking that they don't deserve great things either.  Example is important here; it carries so much more weight than words sometimes.
And parents, tell your children.  Tell them they are good, they are loved, they are destined for greatness just being who they are - that they were made for wonderful things.  Tell them this because its true.  And because they need to understand.  They need to be built up so high they can hear angels singing along (lyrics borrowed from another good song).  And when they fall, that's why they have parents - to build them back up again.  That is growing up - two steps forward and one step back at times.
This week has pulled my heartstrings.  We are fortunate.  We are praying for so much and for so many. We are still building.  We are blessed to be here, to be present, and to be a voice of truth amongst so much noise.
Tonight I am thankful to have learned some time ago that who I am is more than who I think I am.  Who I am is more than who I feel that I am.  It is more than people say I am.  Who I am is designed by God to be good, to be loved, and to be great.  Who am I to question that?  And who are you?  You are designed by God to be good, to be loved, and to be great.  You have your special gifts.  Remind yourself of this.  Let it become such a part of you that no one can ever take it away . . Because it is true.


  1. What you a gift! A gift that really admire. Your blog speaks to me and I just love reading it whenever I can. It gives me hope to be the best Mom I can be, like you Jessie. Thank you for being amazing!