Thursday, April 13, 2017

At the Edge!

I've never rode a wave.  I've never climbed a mountain.  But I have been feeling lately like I'm on the verge of something great!  A feeling like I would imagine I would have if I were to jump on a wave or break over a hard place with a clean path to the top of the mountain!
I've been chomping at the bit with all these ideas lately!  In the past, when I've gotten so many ideas, some would fall by the wayside.  And some of these may not work out.  But most of these are going to be great!
I sat in my car yesterday while my daughter was at dance and I wrote out three major action plan items for both of my businesses and for my personal life for this second quarter of 2017.  Now I am working on the sub points to make these action items happen!  I want to make sure no great idea is left behind in the tornado of excitement that is going on inside me right now!
Tomorrow I have a rather long conference/meeting thing to set up something which should save me hours every week.  HOURS . . . . EACH WEEK!!!!
I have an email sitting in my inbox with a new idea.  And if it works out; it would save me even more hours each week!  This is good stuff!
I am learning to give my goals better direction and better consideration.  I've always thought that I'm pretty good at goals and working towards them.  My new studies are showing better ways.  And I'm working on it!
Tonight I am thankful for this excitement driving me forward!!  I hope tomorrow goes wonderfully!  And this weekend I will have time to review all the new information sent to me today!  These are game changers!  Big game changers!!

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