Monday, April 17, 2017

Bed Shopping

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a couple who had a dog who was getting older.  He had arthritis and was moving around slower and slower.  The couple decided they should get a puppy.  Maybe the puppy would encourage the older dog to be a little more playful again.  And with two kids still very young, the puppy could grow up with the kids.The husband wanted to get a pit bull.  The wife wasn't 100% on board with the idea; but reluctantly agreed.
The puppy came to live with them and was the sweetest little dog!  Over the years, two more children came along.  The puppy grew up.  She had puppies of her own!  One litter with the older dog as the father.  The wife wanted to keep one of the puppies from her favorite old dog.  And one sad day, the older dog passed away.
The pit bull proved to be the picture perfect dog!  The children of the house are her kids.  And she loves her kids more than life itself.  She watches over them.  She waits for them.  She's protected them when she didn't trust strangers who came to the house.
Every night she climbs the stairs to sleep with the kids.  The last several mornings she has had a very hard time coming down the stairs in the morning.  Quite frankly, I'm getting concerned.  She'll be 11 this summer.  She does really well for her age!  Especially considering the girl got shot in the spine with an arrow years ago.  But I think it's time to put up a gate and keep her off the stairs.  I'm getting worried that she is going to fall one of these times.
Tonight I am thankful for my Molly girl :)  She is the best dog I could have dreamed of to help me raise the kids.  Yes, she helps me.  This weekend I'm going to reorganize our bedroom and make room for a new doggy bed.  If you have any dog bed recommendations for a dog who is used to sharing twin size beds with children, please pass them my way.  We have the regular dog beds in the living room.  But I think I'm going to need a deluxe model.  She's going to be heartbroken that she can't go upstairs with the kids!

*Here is a picture of her stealing the little dog's bed.  We really do have a giant doggie pillow for her . . . she occasionally likes to feel cozy though :)

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