Saturday, April 1, 2017


I was in the bathroom . . (sorry if that's too much information, but that's where I was), when I heard the scream.  It was one of those screams when you know the kids are really hurt and not just faking.  Of course from where I was, I couldn't go right away to help.
My darling daughter was trying to make instant mashed potatoes.  She had boiling water in a bowl in the microwave.  She grabbed the bowl with her bare hands and started to remove it from the microwave.  I don't know if the bowl slipped or if she let go when the hot bowl started to burn her little hands :(  But the bowl fell and broke, spilling boiling water on her hand, wrist, and chest.
She was very red.
It looked like her chest was starting to welt.  I had her hold her hand under the water and we had a cool washcloth on her chest.  After ten minutes or so, we headed off to Urgent Care.  On the way there, I glanced over at her hand and noticed that it looked a little better.  I pulled over and inspected her, she seemed to be getting better in areas.  And her chest didn't look really welt-ey anymore.  So we changed directions to the store to get some burn lotion.
She's still a little red in places.  The wonderful world of the Internet suggests first degree burns from the pictures available.  She'll be ok.
Tonight I am thankful that minor burns is all that happened - and that the burns were only in a couple places.  This could have been a LOT worse.  We reviewed how to remove hot things from the microwave, or stove, or anywhere.  And we reviewed that this one incident should not invoke a fear of all things hot.  I pray she wakes tomorrow even more healed and feeling better!

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