Thursday, April 6, 2017


Today was our day of fun adventure for spring break!  The start of the morning was stressful and uncomfortable.  But then, I changed my pants in the gas station parking lot, my shirt at a red light, and my shoes in the Burger Kind parking lot where I met the hubster who handed off the kiddos.  I was out of professional clothes, in to my jeans and we were headed east for some fun!
LegoLand was fun!  The Sealife Aquarium was fun!  And, because we had bought our tickets online ahead of time, we got in the short lines :)  I like the short lines!
The kids and I have had talks before about souvenirs and how they are usually over priced.  I was inspired by the reasonably priced Lego people.  The kids got to build their own Lego people out of a whole tub of pieces!  And if you bought two, the third was free!  At the aquarium I found a clearance section . . . and a cheap, adorable jellyfish by the check-out!  Ok, maybe I have a small problem!  But, we didn't over spend.  The Lego people have been a huge hit already.  And my new little jelly fish has such a cute smile!  I think I may hang him from my office ceiling to greet people!
Tonight I am thankful for our day of adventure of fun!  I am thankful for finding reasonably priced souvenirs!  But I am even more thankful for the absolutely free memories that we will all have for years to come!

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