Saturday, April 29, 2017

Getting Back

I have been feeling like things are getting out of order again.  This seems to happen in the spring more often than not.
We haven't meal planned for the week - and stuck with it - for awhile.  We haven't been very good about the chore planning and payments with the kids.  We have gotten so busy that many important things, little things, have been getting ignored.
It is with great struggle and self-reflection that I sit here tonight knowing things need to change, again.  I realized I had given up on my resolve to make things stick lately.  A person gets too busy and they just don't care anymore.  That's been me.  To a point, that's ok because I can get thru without going crazy.  But it's not entirely ok because then I have a moment of reflection and see how much work I've created for myself to get back on track again.  Such is life, right?
Tonight I am thankful for a chance to get back on track . . again.  We only fail when we quit trying.  It does seem that every time I start trying again, it's a little easier and I have a little less farther to go to get back.

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