Sunday, April 2, 2017


Life is so busy, it is easy to lose inspiration.  Some days I wake up with great thoughts and dreams!  And then after muddling thru a never-ending to-do list, I find myself at bedtime with no recollection of ever touching my dreams for the day.
Part of me just thinks, well that's just life right now.  But a part of me knows there is a better way.  There are some things that I simply cannot change.  But there has to be enough that I can change that it would make a difference!
So I've set different goals this year.  I've been working on restructuring things.  I want things different, and thing will become different.  Still, it gets rather defeating some times.
The past few weeks I've been trying not to get disheartened by our rental property.  Some things have happened there that I am trying to keep in perspective of what a great lesson we will/have learned here.  That is the only good light I have to shine on the situation.  Maybe after court this week, I'll have more light to shine on it . . . but I truly doubt it.  This thing is just going to be put in the "Lessons Learned" category when we can safely put it all behind us.  After all our hard work last year to pay off debt; frankly it just sucks to be looking at some rather large upcoming bills.  And although this situation isn't associated with my businesses; it certainly is taking my time, peace, and thoughts away from the changing and restructuring that I want.  We do have much better insight now on things to do differently next time.
Last Wednesday was when I signed up with the mentoring program thru EntreLeadership.  Today was the first chance that I had to spend time with the program online.  Oh My Gosh!  It is amazing.  There is SO much good information!  I had to stop myself after a few hours.  I could spend weeks immersing myself in this Lake of knowledge and ideas!  This is the kind of thing I need!  I have my first weekly meeting this week with the peer group.  This is wonderful!
Tonight I am thankful for another source of inspiration to keep pressing forward!  I will not get distracted!  And although sometimes I'm crawling along; I'll keep moving forward!  After time like today, I'm skipping forward with an inspired smile on my face!