Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I recently signed up with a mentorship program thru Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership division.  I wish I had hours on end to spend pouring over the materials!  The little I've been involved in so far has been amazing!
Today was my first video conference meeting of the Mastermind group.  W.O.W.  It was good :)  I was rather reluctant to even call in.  I'm not fond of meetings.  And I am even less fond of talking to strangers in formal group settings.  But, I was pleasantly surprised today!  This particular group will meet virtually once a month.
I have a call in every week.  So it must be a different specialty of group next week?  I'm sure that information is in there somewhere.
Today's meeting though had members reporting back on their first quarter goals that they made at the beginning of the year.  Some met their goals.  Some did not.  But the conversation was positive for all parties!  People were sharing ideas and strategies.  It was quite exciting!
Tonight I am thankful for the EntreLeadership program!  I had decided to try it out just to see if there was anything of value.  Oh yes, there is more value in this thing than I am paying for.  And I love a good deal :)

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