Monday, April 3, 2017

Kids Being Kids

One of the things I absolutely love about being a mom is watching my kids just be kids!  There is so much push in this world to grow up too fast and to plug in to any technology available.  I like when the kids forget those things and enjoy life by just being themselves!
Today was one of those days.  The tv was on this morning.  Then it got turned off around 10ish.  Phones had to stay here in my office.  And the kids had to go play.
They played outside for awhile.  The found a mouse in the barn.  They kicked the ball around.  They had a sword fight with the pine tree.  And when it started to rain, they came inside.
One boy played with his toys.  One boy tried to clean his room so he might be allowed to play the Xbox later in the day.  The girls invaded one of the attics and made their own secret area :)  They did a pretty good job, I must say!
Tonight I am thankful for my kids just being kids and enjoying life today!  I hope the rest of their spring break is just as fun; with nothing given to them but an empty day and their imaginations!

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