Saturday, April 15, 2017


I have always been a cat person.  When I was a kid I always had a lot of barn cats.
I've seen numerous kittens right after they were born!  I've seen Momma cats when they were getting ready to have babies.  But, I honestly don't think I've ever seen kitties actually being born.
I've seen the dog have her puppies.  She tried to climb in my lap to have them.  I appreciated the trust . . but, that wasn't on my agenda!  But never a cat.
Today my oldest barn cat was acting very ready to have her babies.  This morning she found herself a nice spot to lay in.  I went away for a few hours.  When I came back she was laying there snuggling with another cat.  I went away for maybe an hour.  When I came back she was by herself and she was having some big contractions.
Three of the four children came to see the babies being born.  I heard "Ew!" and "Gross!".  One child turned and ran out of the barn.  Two children were pretty concerned!
This Momma cat is a pro.  And she was fine with the audience.  But, I didn't want to push her patience.  So I shewed the kids out of the barn after the first baby was cleaned up.
Tonight I am thankful for healthy baby kittens today!  I was hoping for something other than black.  We have like 500 black cats already.  Alright, maybe not really 500.  All the barn cats except one are black.  I'm still heavily considering a plaque for the yard that says "Black Cat Farm" :)

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